Friday night in Olofström

It turns out that the hotel does have internet access, but it ain't cheap. It costs 120 SEK for 24 hours. The connection is delivered wirelessly via Telia's Homerun service. It's really available only on the other side of the hotel, but I managed to get connected using my cantenna.

Night life is pretty much nonexistent in Olofström, so I figured that a few crowns for internet access would be worth it.

Tomorrow I'm going to drive down to Copenhagen, across the Øresund bridge. I'll see the town for a couple of days and then return here Sunday night. I'll teach for two more days next week and return to Stockholm Tuesday evening.

I've been to Copenhagen once, but I didn't get much of a chance to see the town. My friend Anne lives there, but she's out of town this weekend. Any suggestions on what to see while I'm in town?


Åsa said...

You can always say hi to my friend Sofia in Malmö on the way :-). Its the indian girl that was at your party last time...:-)

daniel said...

Yeah, the one who was in a hurry to leave, no less. :)

I suggest you take one of the tourist cruises that takes you round Copenhagen by boat. It's a nice ride with lots of photo ops and, who knows, you might learn something? ;)