Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.

Hello from sunny Copenhagen. I'm staying in a room on the top floor of the Hotel Neptun on Sankt Annæ Plads, about a block from the busy harbor area. There, a long street by the canal (Nyhavn) is lined with outdoor restaurants, bars, and cafés. Hundreds of people were sitting outside enjoying the lovely sunshine and a few lovely beers.

I walked through a park and around an old castle, and then walked down one of the main shopping streets in the city center, where I purchased a shawarma (a Lebanese type of kebab/gyro sandwich). Now I'm back in my room relaxing.

The drive down to Copenhagen took longer than I expected, but was otherwise uneventful. The bridge over the waterway dividing Denmark and Sweden is so big that it's hard to get a feeling for how big it actually is. It just seems like any other part of the highway. In fact, the speed limit goes up on the bridge compared to the speed limit on either side.

I'm taking some photos with a small single-use camera I purchased in the supermarket this morning. I'll post them online in a week or two, once I've had a chance to get them developed and scanned.

Tonight I'll probably go to a jazz club I passed by on my walk. The only problem is that Copenhagen doesn't seem to have prohibited smoking in bars and clubs yet, so I'll have to endure the second-hand smoke if I want to enjoy the music. C'est la vie.

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