Nationaldagen 2006

Today I had a couple of bananas and coffee for breakfast, and saved my apetite for lunch: a nice big hamburger made with the left-over ingredients from Sunday's barbecue. Today is Sweden's national day (nationaldagen) so I hung up my new Swedish flag in the balcony doorway.

Why eat at McDonald's when you can make a real cheesburger for the same price?

In the afternoon I biked down to Bergianska Trädgård and met up with Lisa. We found a sunny place beside the lake an enjoyed the lovely sunshine.


The morning had been cool and cloudy. But in the afternoon, the clouds moved away and the sun warmed things up. It was a perfect Swedish summer day.

Hi, Mom! Oh, that makeshift houseboat has been on Brunnsviken for the past few summers. It is a bit of an eyesore, but so far no one has found a law that the inhabitants are breaking. :)

After finishing off a couple of beers, we biked to Lisa's place to grill some bratwurst. Lisa's flat is on the top floor of a building that is located on the crest of a hill, so in the evening, the sunlight just pours in through her kitchen windows. Here's the view in the other direction, toward the Southeast.

And here's the Western view.

After dinner, we had some Lipton Marocco tea, which is a soothing mint tea flavored with orange and other spices.

On the way home, I snapped this shot of the last of the evening sunlight falling on the pine trees across the lake. In the distance on the left side you can see Kaknästornet.

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