Nikon D200

In June of 2006, I bought a new Nikon D200 digital SLR camera and several lesnes. Most of the photos posted to my weblog since then were takne with the new camera.

I had originally intended to buy Nikon's impressively versatile 18-200 VR zoom lens, but it was in short supply so I ended up getting the much faster (but also much heavier) f/2.8 70-200 mm VR zoom. Below is a photo of the D200 with this lens attached.

Nikon D200And here is a more-or-lest complete list of what's in my camera bag today.

Only the 18-70 zoom is a DX lens, which means I'll be able to use the other two lenses on any future full-frame sensor camera Nikon may choose to release. Also, the fact that two of the lenses can be used on a wider range of Nikon cameras might make them easier to sell if I decide to part with them later.

I should clarify that the 70-200 zoom does not fit in the 100AW camera bag. I bought the smallest of the Sealth Reporter series, and it's too small to accomodate such a large lens. I will probably buy a larger camera bag soon.

I purchased the camera, 18-70 zoom lens, memory card and battery from Wolf Camera. The other items I picked up at B&H Photo-Video. Two of the lenses and the flash had mail-in rebates. I also got a free HP PhotoSmart 335 printer because of a special offer just for the week of Memorial Day.

I'm having a blast taking photos with with camera and learning how to use it. I'd like to thank David Hill and Rod Cole for their help choosing the right equipment.

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