Åre downhill biking: post-trip report

I returned last night from a long weekend in Åre. The biking was spectacular. I am even considering getting a full suspension bike now, so that I can ride rougher terrain than I can with my trusty Hoo Koo E Koo.

We took lots of photos on the trip. On the last day, our train back to Stockholm was scheduled to leave around 13.00. So I got up early, had breakfast, helped clean up the condo and check out, and then headed up the mountain with my camera. I took the VM6 lift up and then walked down alongside one of the serpentine bike trails that winds down through the forest. I took almost 700 photos of the bikers, most of whom I do not know. There was one guy who we had met the previous day at the top of the mountain. And then of course there was Lotta, my friend from rock climbing. By coincidence, she was also in Åre for downhill biking, and I managed to get three photos of her barrelling down the track.

Today I chose the best photos to post, but pretty soon it became evident that there were going to be far to many to post them all here. I decided that a new blog was needed. And why not? I have a blog for climbing, so why not one for biking?

Visit the new blog Pedal Power to see all the photos from Åre.

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