Back from Uppsala

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Sunday afternoon I caught the train back from Uppsala. It's a quick 40-minute trip, but I was so tired from the hike (and the champagne!) that I actually slept a bit on the train.

I met a nice girl on the subway. I asked her about her earphones (they looked like the Shure earphones I've read about and my iPod's earphones are in need of replacements). Then we started talking about photography, and I showed her some of the pictures I had taken in Uppsala.

I believe her name was Lovisa. Hej, Lovisa!

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h2 said...

Hi Michael,

I found my way to your blog from the new w3 Mac page.

I've had the Shure e3c's for quite a while and think they're great. I had custom earmolds made at Sensaphonics here in Chicago, for both comfort and noise isolation.

I use them on airplanes now, and have retired my noise-cancelling headphones.