Climbing at Danviksklippan

_MAL4090.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

Sunday I had planned to go bouldering with Isabelle and friends at Kolartorp in Haninge. However, I slept in a bit, so I missed Isabelle's SMS and had to make other plans. Luckily, Daniela was also going climbing, so I went down to Danvikstull to join her. She was there with her mom Birgitta and her brother Erik. There's a drawbridge there connecting Södermalm (across the water) with the Nacka to the South. Lots of boats passed under the bridge, and it had to be raised for a couple of particularly tall sailboats.

The rock there is quite different from that at Häggsta. Perhaps this is because the cliffs at Danvikstull were formed by blasting and not through natural processes. The climbing was short but sweet. I'll have to return there someday soon.

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