Sofia Ullman at Mosebacke

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Sunday night I went down to Södermalm to listen to Sofia Ullman and her band, who played a concert at Mosebacke.

I met Sofia while salsa dancing at Container back in January. Actually, I think I had danced with her even years ago, but sometimes I dance with someone five or six times and on several different occasions before I learn her name. Now that I think about it, I believe that's what happened with Sofia too. She and I had danced together many times but had not really talked until that evening in January.

Sometimes that's how it goes. If the music is loud and the place is crowded, one may dance with lots of people, but it may not be easy to have a conversation with any of them. Also, I usually have to choose between doing fancy dance moves and having a conversation. Or sometimes, I'll alternate between the two, doing a few complicated (and exhausting) moves, and then catching my breath and chatting a bit, while doing a few simpler moves.

Sofia's concert was a lot of fun, with a good mix of different musical styles. I especially liked her ballad It Matters Now, on which Sofia sang and played piano — creative and musical. You can listen to some of Sofia's music at her web site. I have posted eight photos from the concert.

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