What — dancing without photos?

I went to La Isla Wednesday night and had a good time dancing with lots of great dancers, including Emma, Lina, Alexandra, Åsa, Susanne, and Mia. But unfortunately for you, my dear readers, I neglected to put a battery in my camera when I packed my camera bag for the evening. So you'll have to wait until Saturday for the next dance photos.

That's when I'm planning to go to the first Djungelsalsa of the summer. Djungelsalsa, litterally “Jungle Salsa,” is just outdoor salsa dancing here in Stockholm, arranged by some friends of mine. The last time I went was back in 2004 — for some reason I didn't go last year. These gatherings are nice because one can bring one's own food and drink, and mix dinner and dancing in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. I plan to bring some bratwurst to cook on the grill, a baguette in which to eat it, some salad, and a few beers or a bottle of wine.

I've invited a few folks (some via my Facebook wall) and I'm sure it'll be lots of fun!

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