A walk on Norra Djurgården

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Sunday morning I met up with my friend Jenni for a walk on Norra Djurgården. We met some equestrians, some sheep, a few geese, and a couple of cows along the way. It was a part of the city I had never visited, and it's quite lovely.

By the way, the story of how Jenni and I met is interesting and it involves my brother Ethan. Three years ago, when Ethan visited me here in Stockholm, we took a walk on Södermalm to see the lovely views of Kungsholmen and Gamla Stan from the cliffs overlooking Södermalarstrand. At one of the scenic overlooks, I asked a couple of girls there to take a picture of us. We chatted a bit with the girls and I exchanged contact info with them. I have kept in touch with both of them, and one of them is Jenni.

Jenni is busy writing her senior thesis for college, so she doesn't often have much time for socializing. So I was glad to get a chance to visit with her. Here are all the photos from our walk.

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