A bit of salsa at Vanadis

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After climbing, I took my bike on the commuter train and got off at Karlberg station. From there, I biked up to Frejgatan and all the way across Vasastan to the interesection with Sveavägen. Vanadisbadet lies up on the hill there. Tired though I was, I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a few hours of salsa dancing. The sun was shining, and there were lots of dancers on the dance floor.

First though, I had to get some food. I hadn't eaten a proper lunch — just a Snickers bar after climbing. So I bought a little ham and cheese sandwich and wolfed it, washing it down with a Mariestads beer. Then I was ready for dancing!

A lot of the folks I normally dance with are either on vacation or at the salsa congress going on this weekend in Hamburg. So the group was a bit different than usual. Even so, the folks I met were friendly and enthusiastic about dancing salsa — two of the most important criteria! My new French friend Mouss was kind enough to take a few photos (including the one above) of me dancing with a new acquaintance named Cecilia. She's fun to dance with!

After Vanadisbadet's last dance at 11, I donned my new Prana sweater, threw the big backpack on my shoulders, and and trudged home on my bike. It's only a few kilometers home from the bath — up Sveavägen to Roslagstull, and then straight on past the University. It's been an action-packed weekend, and I'm positively knackerd. After a quick dinner and shower, I'll go straight to bed.

Next up, an ordinary workday on Monday, followed by a nice evening of rest. Then there's the Stockholm Jazz Fest on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to seeing Steely Dan in concert again. Lotta and Lisa are coming along, and maybe a few other folks too. It'll be fun!

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