Human nature

Tonight I went to Container for a few hours of salsa dancing. In the middle of the evening, a couple of teenagers, just 14 and 16 years old, entertained us with a performance that included several styles of ballroom dance: waltz, samba, cha-cha and a few others I couldn't identify. It was really impressive!

The salsa dancing was fun as it usually is. I was tired after having spent five hours bouldering at Klättercentret earlier this afternoon. Even so, I had a great time dancing. The dancing was at Container today because the rainy weather didn't allow for dancing outdoors at Vanadisbadet. I'll post photos tomorrow.

After the performance, and between dances, I caught my breath and chatted with Ibi, Maria, Rafael and Hassan. The topic of conversation turned to sexual attraction, what sorts of women men find attractive. It was an interesting and lively discussion! Apropos our discussion, I found this article in Pyschology Today particularly amusing and interesting:
Ten politically incorrect truths about human nature

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