Hot Salsa Wednesday

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Wow! Last night was fun at La Isla. There were so many good dancers there, and I danced with many of them. Johan was kind enough to take a couple of photos of Alexandra and me dancing. She had been traveling in Costa Rica for a while, and then I was on vacation in Massachusetts, so we actually hadn't danced in a few months. It's always nice to get reacquainted again.

Janaki was there, and we danced a couple of dances. I met her last week at Gröna Lund, and saw her again there on Tuesday. I also danced with Sofie, whom I met a long time ago but hadn't seen in ages. Malin also favored me with a dance or two, and I visited a bit with a French salsa dancer named Mouss. He is in Stockholm for just one week, and is trying to visit all the main venues for salsa dancing during his time here. Helena was also there. She's the photographer who lives on Tenerife. And Mark Anthony, the D.J. and dancer from Tornoto, was showing his stuff — I got a lot of photos of him.

Speaking of that, here are all 40 photos from last night.

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Åsa said...

You dont do anything else but dance these days...crazy!