A fun evening at Vanadisbadet!

_MAL9058.jpg, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

Sunday night after climbing at Karbin, I took the subway to Odenplan and then walked up Sveavägen to Vanadisbadet, where Club Salsa arranges salsa dance evenings every Sunday during the summer. Mette, Maria, Pernilla, Åsa, Lotta, and many other fun salseras were in attendance. Jose was kind enough to take some photos of me too, including this one of me dancing with the ever-lovely Mette. She's getting really good at salsa dancing. She's already way beyond me in Lindy hop; and pretty soon I think she'll surpass me in salsa too. It's too easy for girls! All they have to do is follow! ;-)
I have posted the best 47 photos from the evening, this time with lots with me in them! Thanks again to Jose for taking these photos.

Tonight I'll go to Klättercentret to see if I have any strength left after yesterday's session at Karbin. Tomorrow night, if the weather cooperates, I'll go down to Gröna Lund to check out Stockholm Salsa Dance's outdoor salsa lesson and social dancing there.

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