Breakfast this morning. I had a fried eggs, sausage, toast, and something called congee with preserved eggs. Interesting, but not really my favorite dish.

Here's the view from the office where I worked today, on the 35th floor of a typical building. Hong Kong is stuck between the harbor and the mountains, so there's a lot of vertical development, as you can see.

The sun came out for a while today.

Here I am on the way back to my hotel. A colleague snapped this shot of me in front of the betting house where folks gamble on the races.

Here's a typical small market street at dusk today.

This is one of the major East-West streets on Hong Kong Island--- perhaps Hennesy street.

During rush hour after work, the raised walkway over the road was packed with people. Hong Kong has over 6 million inhabitants, and rush hour is a time when you begin to think you can almost comprehend that number of people.

Hong Kong dollars, worth almost the same as Swedish krona.

The Hong Kong MTR. It's very quick and very clean. It's also not too accomodating for taller passnengers. I nearly hit my head on the metal bar in the train.

Dinner tonight. Beef with fried noodles

Another night scene.

I went to Lang Kwai Fong to eat tonight. It turns out that by luck this is also where I had dinner last night. But there are plenty of restaurants, so I didn't have to choose the same place twice.

Lang Kwai Fong was packed with people. I don't think vehicular traffic is allowed in there after dark.

Here I am with some very nice girls I met at the Agave bar in Lan Kwai Fong.

After a while we went to the Kee Club for more drinks.

At the end of the evening, we all went for Chinese fast food. I had fried duck with noodles. Yummy.

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