Night out on Söder

Last night, I joined Daniel & Jenny for a beer at MEST Bar & Kök on Södermalm. I ordered a stor stark (a "big strong") which can be translated "a tall glass of whatever you've got on tap." The beer was weak; it tasted as though it had been watered down. For 39 Kr, I expected more. In this town, if you want good beer, it seems you have to pay at least 50 Kr or you have to get it in a bottle.

Here's a photo of us at the bar. Afterward, we had a big meal at the Chinese restaurant on Medborgarplatsen. I wonder how the food in Hong Kong will compare with the typical fare at Chinese restaurants in the West.

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smaggi said...

Well, to paraphrase comedian Jake Johannsen. When it comes to Chinese food in the West v. Hong Kong, there are some major differences in the definition of what part is considered food in an animal.

When you ask for beef in the West, you know what you're getting.

In Hong Kong, beef just means cow so you may get something like an eye.