Klättercenter was not too crowded tonight. I had not climbed there in almost a month, so I was a bit out of practice. I took the next few shots from the top of a 6A climb that had one particularly tricky part.

Lisa patiently holds the rope while I snap a few photos. The route I took is the purple grips. It starts in the left corner down below, and then moves to the right corner and then back to the center. Using the walls is important.

Here I am posing with my climbing friends Lotta and Anna in the new section upstairs.

The new section is mostly for bouldering — that is, climbing short boulder-height walls without a rope. There are thick foam pads on the floor, so falls aren't a problem.

More of the new bouldering section upstairs.

I was moving in this photo and ther was no flash, so it's very blurry. No, I'm not the Flash.

And now two snapshots of the main climbing area, taken from the new upstairs section.

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