Update from Stockholm

Stockholm is a lovely city even in this dark time of year. This photo was taken by one of my new Spanish (sorry, Catalan!) friends from Barcelona. He took this photo from Slussen looking North, with Gamla Stan and Riddarkyrkan in the middle of the photo, and Kungsholmen and Stadhuset in the background. Tonight I might go out dancing, but I doubt it. I still have to finish unpacking and get ready for the party I have planned for Saturday.
Having lost my cellphone somewhere at Åre, I finally received a new SIM card and a temporary replacement phone yesterday. For the few days I was without a mobile phone, I felt oddly disconnected from the world. Now I have a loaner — an old Ericsson R320S. I've never used an Ericsson phone before, so I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to the different menu system.

I've been wearing the new cowboy boots my mom bought for me. They're great for keeping out snow, slush and water. I just have to remember to treat the leather regularly so that it stays soft and water resistant.

Now here are a couple of photos from Åre.

Lisa posing for the paparzzo.

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daniel said...

the party I have planned for Saturday.

And at what time...? :)