Swedish passport

I picked up my new passport today. I can confirm that there an an RFID chip embedded in the photo page, right behind the signature. This page is about half a milimeter in thickness, and it's made of plastic. The passport incorporates several other nifty security features, including a version of my photo that's made up of a grid of hundreds of tiny perforations that go all the way through the page. The top of this photo is in the part of the page where the word TEXAS appears. The image is visible only by holding the page up so that light shines through from behind. These holes are almost impossible to make out in this image, and I'm guessing they're very difficult to duplicate.


daniel said...

You look like a criminal though. :)

Michael A. Lowry said...

Don't tell! If they ever find out, I'll spend my remaining days in the gulags of coldest Norrland.

Mark Base said...

Well, at least you look like a nice criminal. And if they ship you up north in the summer, you'll get to see the Midnight Sun!