Biking in Hellas on Sunday

On Sunday I went for a nice ride with Lisa & Lotta, and new friends Rodrigo (pictured here) and Aki. We biked in Hellas, a big park South of Stockholm.

I took a few photos while riding, and amazingly one or two of them turned out ok. Here are Aki and Lisa.

We stopped at the spring there to fill up our water bottles. The water is clean and tastes great.

There was one stretch of trail that was just too steep and rocky, so we carried our bikes up.

After a few hours of biking, we went to Hellasgården for a couple of ice creams. Then we biked around the lake and found a nice spot to sit by the water. I swam out to the little rock island but was forced back into the water by an angry bird, presumably defending her nest.

We swam and sunbathed there on the granite shore. It was an idyllic day. We have been very lucky with the weather this summer here in Sweden. I hope the rest of the season is as beautiful as this past week has been!

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