This afternoon, I joined my friend Eva for a swim at Centralbadet downtown. Drottninggatan was packed with folks.

Before going in to the bath house, we sat outside for a while and had a bite to eat.

We were asked politely not to take photos inside the bath, so I waited until we reached the sun terrace on the roof. There, one can look down on Drottninggatan 5 floors below.

I've had dinner and drunk a few beers at the restaurant down there on the corner. And there's a nice park beyond where I sometimes eat lunch when I'm working at the nearby IBM office on Wallingatan.

The sun deck is spacious and has plenty of lounges upon which to lie. There was a warm breeze and the sun was shining brightly, so we just lay and sunned for a while.

There were a few clouds that gave occasional shelter from the sun.

Centralbadet has been around for 102 years. My first visit was in mid-December 1999 when I was in Stockholm for job interviews.

Skeptical. :)

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