The other day, I let the cats out and took a few photos of them. Sasha seems to be getting more at ease with being outside (initially, she was quite timid).

Alex has never been timid, and he is enjoying reclaiming his territory in Bergshamra after a few months with "mom" (Lotta) in Hammarby.

Alex on the prowl.

I left the cats alone and took a walk down to Brunnsviken. There I sat on the granite rocks by the shore and soaked up some of the sun's warmth. Here's a shot of the Natural History Museum on the East side of the lake.

I met some students down at the water's edge. They were sunbathing and swimming. One of them, Fanny, is studying photography. I lent her my camera and asked her to take a few photos. Here's a nice shot she took of me.

Fanny also captured this action shot of a waterskiier on the lake.

The past few days have been just idyllic here. The sun has been shining all day and the temperature has been warm, but not hot. I hope the good weather lasts a bit longer.

Lastly, here's a photo I took of a seagull that was flying back and forth along the shore.

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