Hi from Sundsvall

Greetings from Sundsvall!

I got a nice little Volvo V50 rental, and I'm staying in the Scandic hotel just a few hundred meters from the city center. Sundsvall is a small town.

Tonight I went to Bite Line for some “American deep dish pizza.” To be honest, it didn't taste like anything I've had in the U.S. The dough wasn't quite right, and the pepperoni was quite different. Even though it was different, it was quite tasty.

After dinner, I took a walk.

I walked up the hill North of the city and took some pictures looking back toward the city. The sun was just setting.

There's my hotel, a kilometer or so distant. My room is the fifth window from the left on the second-to-top floor. :)

And here's a view of the harbor. The dark gray building slightly to the bottom-left of center is the SCA/SDC building where I'll be working this week.

I took most of these photos from the the 22-m observation tower atop the hill to the North of the city. There, I met a couple of other folks, and one of them kindly took this photo of me. The wind was blowing strongly up there, so it's a good thing my hat has a strap!

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