Article on CorporateBlogging.info

For those of you who did not already know, I maintain an internal IBM web log in addition to this one. My internal IBM blog is called “M Theory” and it's visible only on the IBM corporate network. I post items to my internal IBM blog that are of specific interest to my immediate colleagues, or of more general interest to larger communities of IBMers. I find it rewarding to communicate with other IBMers in this way. It also gives me daily practice in writing clearly and in composing legible HTML.

Blogging in the corporate environment is emerging as a new means of collaboration among coworkers. It has also begun to attract the interest of business consultants offering advice on communications within organizations.

I recently participated in an interview with one such business consultant, Fredrik Wackå. Mr. Wackå discussed the topic of internal blogging at IBM with me and my colleage Philippe Borremans in IBM Public Relations. Yesterday, Fredrik published the results of that interview in an article on his web site, CorporateBlogging.info.

The article offers an interesting glimpse into the phenomenon of blogging within IBM. It includes a screenshot of Blog Central, a web page that serves as a common starting point from which IBMers can find internal web logs with recent activity.

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