Carillon concert at Aldof Fredriks Kyrkan

I'm working today at IBM's Wallingatan location in the middle of Stockholm. The office is just up Drottninggatan from Hötorget and is across the street from Adolf Fredriks Kyrkan. The church is one of the most famous in Stockholm. Olof Palme, the former Swedish prime minister who was assasinated in 1986, is burried beneath an interesting rough hewn black tombstone in the churchyard. For a nice view inside the church, take a look at this panorama.

At 12:30 today, a carillon concert began at the church. The concert lasted half an hour and included several fugues that must have been quite difficult to play. I opened the window of the conference room and listened to the music while I worked. It was positively delightful!

Did you know that the word carillon comes from an Old French word meaning set of four? I suppose early carillons had only four bells.

This evening after work, I think I'll go to Centralbadet for a soak and a massage. After a weekend sleeping on an air mattress, my back and shoulders are stiff. For some reason my neck has also been a bit stiff for the past couple of weeks; I hope the massage will help.

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