Last week, I worked a couple of days in IBM's Wallingatan office. It's just a few meters from Adolf Fredrik's Church, depicted here.

Alex and Sasha rest after a couple hours' frolicking out in the warm Summer day.

Last night I went for a little bike ride to Ulriksdals Slott and back. I took the way around by Bockholmen and Stocksundstorp, under the tunnelbana bridge and through the woods. There are so many tree roots on the trail over there that it's almost impossible to bike. There are also fallen trees in the path. Someone should build a proper trail along the water so that bikers and others who have trouble getting around can still enjoy the area. I took this photo of the palace from a small dock below Ulriksdals Wärdshus.

Here's another nice view of the sunset.

And finally, a view of the sunset reflected in the surface of Edsviken.

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