Happy birthday dad!

Dear Dad:

Happy birthday dad!
Happy birthday to you!
Now that you are 65,
I'm mighty proud of you!

Happy birthday dad!
May your birthday wish come true.
May all your days be happy days,
Your whole 66th year through!

You're a great dad, and a fine example to a pair of sons. Thanks for being you.

Not one to buck tradition, I made an amigram out of your initials TWL. The names Thomas and Tom proved a bit difficult, but I might return to them someday. One advantage of making an amibgram out of your initials is that you can use it as a monogram!

I know it could also be read TML. I wasn't quite sure how to make the W look unambiguously like a W.

I'm sure you and the growing Austin branch of the family will find an enjoyable way to celebate. I'll be missing this celebration, but I'll be there in sprit.


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