Photos from the Stockholm Marathon.

I have rearranged the photos from the race in chronological order.

First, a photo of me before the marathon. The people on the road in the background are runners lining up at the start line, about 10 meters down the roadway to the right.

Here's a shot of the start. I actually crossed the start line when the clock showed 6:22, so most of the fast runners had already gotten a good head start. The race was timed with an RFID chip attached to each runner's left shoe though, so each runner got an individual time. I'm in this picture somewhere on the left.

Naturally, the only shot taken in sunshine is one in which I'm walking to catch my breath!

Here's a shot of me crossing the finish line. At this point in the race, I was sprinting, just eager to get it over with!

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Åsa said...

You are my hero! Talking about doing something amazing..i will never ever do it...it just must hurt..