Cats out and about

This afternoon there was a tense stand-off on the balcony. My neighbor's cat Max just wanted to play. Alex was somewhat friendly in response but Sasha just sat there and hissed at poor little Max. Tsk, tsk.

If you were a mouse and you saw this, it would probably be the last thing you ever saw.

You know, croccodlies & aligators aren't the only species that overcome their prey with a death roll. Domesticated cats have long practiced this maneuver.

Sasha doesn't like to hold still for the camera. But at least in this shot, most of her is motionless.

And finally, a nice close-up of Sasha's cute face. For those of you just joining us, one of Sasha's littermates scratched her right eye when she was kitten; that's why it is darker than the left one.

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Petra said...

I love the photos of your cats - they're so cute! And as always the photos are brilliant too!