Update from Öland

It's about 21:30 heere, and the sun is still a few degrees above the horizon. I'm on the balcony of P.O.'s summer house, where I have a clear line of sight to the sea to the West. We're in Kyrkbyn, close to Mörbylånga.

We went to the sea to bathe this afternoon. Unfortunately the sun hid behind some thin clouds while we were at the coast, and the wind picked up a bit. So we didn't stay for very long. At least the water was warm, and not too salty.

When we returned from the 2 km walk from the coast, we had a drink and then went to a local field to help construct and raise the maypole. We then participated in the traditional songs and dances although these are mostly for the benefit of the kids.

We had a delicious and filling dinner and drank lots of beer and aquavit. Some of the party are playing croquet in the lawn, and others are chatting at the dinner table over coffee. Desert will be served soon. Last night we stayed up until 2:30, but I imagine we'll get to bed a bit sooner tonight.

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