Back in Stockholm for a while

Last night I returned from a successful business trip in Sundsvall to my adoptive hometown. It's nice to travel, but it's also nice to come home again. It seems that lately I've been traveling a lot, and haven't had a chance to catch my breath. The state of apartment has suffered from the lack of attention: right now, it's rather untidy. It occurred to me that if I ever wanted to invite a date over for dinner or drinks, I'd be reluctant to do so with my flat in its current state. Social butterfly that I am, I can't allow an unkempt pad to be an obstacle. So one would assume that a day of cleaning would top my agenda.

Trouble is, I don't have a free day for at least a couple of weeks. This weekend, I'm off to Göteborg for salsa dancing. Next weekend I plan to return to Kittelfjäll for a bit more skiing. So the next two weekends are booked. And most weeknights I'm either climbing or dancing. Maybe I should take a day off work just to get my place in order! My social life might well depend on it.

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