A few photos from the trip up North

Åsa, Patric and I returned this evening from our lovely trip to Riksgränsen. We had a very enjoyable trip, we all made it through the weekend without injury. I have begun going through the photos from the trip, but I took almost 900 so it will take a while before I can separate out the good ones. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorites.

First of all, here's a photo I took out the train window on the way from Riksgränsen to Narvik. The bridge in the distance crosses the fjørd.

Here's the gang at Narvikfjell, a nice ski resort in Norway that overlooks the fjørd and the town of Narvik, the worlds Northernmost port that has open water year-round.

At the top of the gondola is a restaurant where I bought an expensive beer (about $8). In the background, you can see the Narvik shipping terminal, where cargo ships are loaded with iron ore from the Swedish town of Kiruna. We saw several trains loaded with ore travelling over the same tracks that we traveled. We heard that 11 trainloads of ore make the trip each day, and that each one brings a profit of 500,000 SEK to the town of Kiruna. From Narvik, the ore is loaded onto ships and sent all over the world.

Today we were treated to some of the most amazing views as we skied the slopes at Riksgränsen.

I took this self-portrait to show off my new goggles.


Åsa said...

me like a lot!

Roberto said...

Hi Michael!

When I was in Sweden in 2004 I visited Kiruna and I rented a car and drove to Narvick. It was one of the best experiences in my life. The nature, as we can see in your pictures, is really amazing. I bet it's also impressive in summer.

I took a really nice panoramic picture of that fiord.

You can see it here, in my flickr account:


The bridge is on the left size. You'll have to enlarge the image to see it.

It was taken in the way down to the bridge, from Kiruna to Narvick, from the road. I hope you like it. Now I have print it and I'll frame it. Its size is 127cm x 36 cm... huge eh?

I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.