A successful hual from Bavaria

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Ok, to continue the story of the many bottles...

As you can see from the above photograph, I did manage to get my precious alcohol safely home to Sweden.

When I was shopping for all this stuff in the wholesale market and supermarket, I honestly didn't even remember the new rule limiting the amount of liquids that can be carried onboard commercial aircraft. So I bought quite a few bottles. When I arrived at Frankfurt airport, the situtation became clear to me. I had a choice: either I could try to put the bottles in my checked bags, or I could leave them behind. I chose the former.

I put four of the liqor bottles in my checked luggage, along with most of the cans of beer. Then I emptied my backpack of almost all of its contents, such as my laptop, headphones, camera, iPod, and papers. I then filled the backpack with the remaining bottles, and checked both bags in, marking them as fragile. I carried my computer, camera and so forth on the plane in the big plastic bags from the supermarket.

Miraculously — or perhaps more accurately, thanks to the fine baggage handling staff in Frankfurt and Arlanda — all of the bottles arrived intact. I have already enjoyed a few of the beers. I took several with me to Sundsvall, and just drank one of the Würzburger Hofbräu Pilsener lagers with my luch today. In Germany, that beer is considered just so-so. But it's better than almost any of the mass-produced lagers here in Sweden.

I will take me a while to finish all the liquor on my own though, so I think it's time to arrange a party.

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Åsa said...

Ohhlalal...show me the booze!