Good climbing tonight

_MAL2904, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

I went to Klättercentret for a bit of climbing tonight. Matt has been down with a cold, so he wasn't there. Lisa couldn't come 'cause she got a flat tire on her bike. One's never alone at KC though: there are always familiar faces and friendly people.

In addition to the usual bunch of folks that I often see there, I met a genetics researcher named Lisa who was just getting started with climbing. I also climbed a bit with a group that included a half-English, half-Swedish girl named Colleen, and a couple of massage students named Åsa and Hannah. We took turns climbing. Hannah was kind enough to take some photos of me too.

All in all, I posted 41 photos from tonight's climbing session. Look a bit more and you'll also see a couple of nice shots of city lights and water. I took these photos as I biked by Brunnsviken on my way home.

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