Three fun days way up North

_MAL1872, originally uploaded by Michael A. Lowry.

The trip up to Riksgränsen was great! Åsa & Patric and I booked our tickets Thursday morning, went to the airport around lunch time, and flew up to Kiruna in the early afternoon. The flight took a bit less than two hours. From Kiruna airport, we took a bus to Riksgränsen. We got up early the next morning and caught the train across the Norwegian border to Narvik, where we skiied the whole day. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Narvik and then returned by train to Riksgränsen, where we spent the next two days skiing. The sun shone on two out of our three skiing days, and the snow was quite good. We met lots of friendly folks, and spent a a fair amount of time in the evenings at the hotel bar. Check all 267 photos from the weekend!

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