Up in Sundsvall again

I'm back up in Sundsvall for another couple of days of work. Almost all of the snow has melted up here, and I get the feeling that we're unlikely to see another real cold spell before spring. I think this is spring. It's an early spring by Swedish standards. I'm not complaining right now though, because it's lovely here. It has been about 20 degrees C and sunny all day.

Unfortunately, I was inside troubleshooting a software problem for most of the day. I hope to see a bit of the city before going back to my hotel. I also though I might try out the spa facilities at the hotel. They're not cheap, but they do offer a view of the city and the sea. It might be worth a few crowns to sit in a hottub or sauna overlooking the Baltic.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day leading a workshop to get the IT staff here up to speed. With any luck, they'll be able to do most of the subsequent migration work themselves. In the late afternoon tomorrow, I'll catch the flight back home to Stockholm, where I might go Lindy hope dancing, but will probably unpack, tidy up the apartment, and just turn in early. Thursday I have meetings and a lunch date; and Friday afternoon, I'll join some salsa-dancing friends for a drive to Göteborg, where we will spend the weekend enjoying the festivities of the Scandinavian Salsa Congress being held there.

Over and out from Sundsvall.

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