Searching for multiple criteria in Flickr

When I began posting photos to Flickr a few months ago, I was faced with a problem: how does one link to a gallery of photos that match a certain set of search criteria? I never quite figured it out, and I resorted to creating event-specific tags. For example, the tag container_2007.03.04 might represent the evening of salsa dancing at Container last night.

Well today I finally figured out how to do what I really want to do. Instead of creating a separate tag for each event, I can simply construct a URL that performs a dynamic search for photos that match multiple criteria. For example, the URL


displays the same collection of photos, assuming the photos are tagged with container and salsa. I prefer using generic tags so I'm in the process of removing the old event-specific tags and replacing links with dynamic queries like the one above.

The only drawback I have found to this way of linking to my photos is that the search results page displays advertisements from Yahoo. I guess ad-free search pages aren't included with my Flickr Pro membership.

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