Going to Germany

I'm participating in a day of training in Mainz on Tuesday. Given that my good friend Andrea lives not too far away in Würzburg, I decided to go down to Germany a few days early so that I'd have a chance to visit with Andrea and her husband Karim. The just moved into a new house that they had built for them, and I'll be one of the first people to stay in their guest room. Andrea visited me in Stockholm this past summer, but I haven't been to visit her in Germany since she and I were a couple a decade ago. Andrea is one of my closest friends, so it will be nice to get a chance to visit her and to see her new home. I've spoken with Karim on the phone, I've never met him in person before; so it will be interesting to get an opportunity to meet him too!

So early this afternoon I'll fly down to Frankfurt, rent a car and make this drive down to Würzburg. I'll spend a couple of days with Andrea & Karim and then drive up to Mainz Monday night. I will attend the training in Mainz on Tuesday during the day, and I'll return to Stockholm in the evening. It's been a while since I visited Germany, and I'm looking forward to it!

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