Arrival in Austin

I have arrived safely in Austin. It's cold here, about 30° F (-1° C). When I picked up my rental car, I almost slipped on the pavement because there was a thin layer of ice covering the ground. The car (a Chevrolet Malibu) warmed up quickly and the ice on the windshield melted after just a few minutes.

On the drive out to my parents' house, I had to take the 183 access road most of the way because the raised sections of the roadway were closed — probably due to the risk of icing. Near MoPac there was an SUV turned on its side in the middle of the highway. Several others had stopped to help, and there was a tow truck just arriving when I passed.

When I got out to my folks' place, I distributed the gifts I brought from Sweden (Chivas & Marabou for dad; Höganäs, Clarins & Anton Berg for mom). Now I'm getting ready for bed. It's been a long day and I'm sure I'll sleep like a log.

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