Last night I went over to Steve & Jill's place for dinner. Steve is in D.C. on business so it was just Jill, the kids, me and the next-door neighbors.

Anna Rose was running around like a little wildcat. I managed to get her to hold still long enough to take this photo.

Jill &: Steve's neighbors, Roxanne & Danny.

Jill & Grant.|| Supposedly Grant was sick, but he didn't let on.

Anna Rose wanted to play chase. But there's no running in the house! Mommy scolded me too!. :)

Check out Jill's new 20-inch iMac! Aweome, eh? Anna Rose played some online games before going to sleep.

After running around non-stop for 20 minutes, Grant decided to watch figure skating on TV. And by watch figure skating on TV I mean fall asleep on my lap.

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