Freshly squeezed

I woke up around noon today, having slept soundly the whole morning. I am just lounging around the apartment, lazily enjoying the sunshine coming in through the windows.

A few minutes ago I had a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was my first opportunity to use the citrus press Ethan & Kelly gave me. I squeezed four large oranges and ended up with a tall cold glass of some of the best orange juice I've ever tasted.

I'm planning on getting some more use out of the handy citrus press later this afternoon when I squeeze limes for margaritas. Daniel and Jenny are coming over for a little barbecue. I bought some nice steaks and I plan to grill them outside on my portable charcoal grill. Perhaps we'll walk down to Brunnsviken and have a picnic by the water. It might even be warm enough for a swim!

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