One of the newer streetcars in Helsinki.

Last night I had dinner at Knossos, a greek restaurant that occupies the South end of an old indoor market not too far from my hotel.

I sat at a table upstairs.

I started with a delicious seafood soup. It had a tomato base, and contained mussels, octopus, fish, carrots, red capsicum, celery, and green olives. A delight at only 7.60€

For the main course, I had Lamb Souvlaki with deep fried potatoes, red onions, carrots, and zucchini.

It was some of the best lamb I have ever tasted: lean but succulent, and perfectly seasoned. I can recommend this restaurant!

This is a large and official-looking structure near the restaurant.

And here's what must be the office of a design firm.

Lastly, here's a view of the evening sunlinght on the bathroom wall, as seen through the shower curtain.

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Jason said...

you have some great pictures. Keep up the great work.