The MTB gang at Dubliner pub

Later in the evening, the mountain biking gang met up at the Dubliner pub on Norrmalmstorg.

My beverage of choice this evening was Staropramen, a delightful lager from Prague.

Here's the MTB gang plus Elina's friend Hedwig!

On our way back to the subway, Lotta and I ran into Lisa!

So Lotta went home and the real party crowd went back to the pub and listened to some live music from a group called Four Play (The double meaning doesn't work in Swedish because för (fore) and fyra (four) don't sound much like each other). They played a lot of popular rock songs, including several Beatles hits and a couple from Irish rockers U2.

In this photo, she doesn't really look like herself. Nevertheless, she looks liks she's having a good time!

The Dubliner pub was a lot of fun, and I danced and sang along with the songs I knew. I also met some interesting pepople there, including a molecular biology grad student named Johanna. Cheers, Johanna!

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