Mountain biking in Hellas Gården

Today I went mountain biking with Lotta, Lisa, Elina, and Petter. It was a lot of fun, and we ended the day totally exhausted.

Here's a group photo from E...badet (some beach way out in the boonies!).

On the way back home, I stopped at Lotta's place, where Lisa made a new friend.

He had a collar, so I guess he belongs to one of Lotta's neighbors.He was very friendly.

Alex and Sasha watched from Lotta's windowsill.

Lisa and I rode North through Gamla Stan all the way back home to Solna — she to Råsunda and me to Bergshamra.

Stockholm is lovely in the summer. Here you can see some of the Southern side, and the steeple of the German Church (Tyska Kyrkan).

And of course, here is Riddarholmskyrkan.

Lisa looking glamorous.

On the way back home, by the SAS headquarters on Brunnsviken.

More of the bike trail. Spring is here, and all the trees are green and the flowers blooming. It's times like today that it feels great to be alive!

Brunnsviken, as seen from the trail.

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