Mountain biking in Rudan

Today I went South of Stockholm to Hanninge to go mountain biking in Rundan, a nice big park full of granite hills, pine forest, and lots of great mountain bike trails.

Lisa attacked the challenging trails with great enthusiam, on only her second day of mountain biking!

I made some new friends today too, including Elina.

Fredrik was also there, putting us all to shame as usual. He's just a bit too good, with legs that are just a bit too long. It's not fair. :)

I had installed new break shoes on my bike. It's nice to have a bike that can be stopped.

Bimbo Bikers! Go girls!

Lisa made an impressive ride . Hurrah, Lisa!

Here Lisa and Elina are joined by Peter, who rounded out our 6-person biking group.



And lastly one more of me, exhaused but happy after a challenging bike ride.

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