Thusday we had a little party for our departmet at IBM. We celebrated a successful year by taking a boat over to Nacka.

Here are some of my charming colleagues.

And here are some of the sights we saw on our brief boat trip.

The party was held in a convention & event center built in an old shipyard. The glass poartion of the building is built between the structure to the left and the rock cliff to the right.

There is a nice staircase going up through the glass.

We got a nice welcome drink of champagne.

I love champagne.

The staircase.

An old crane.

An view from below the staircase.

More colleagues at the entrance to the cave. There, a tunnel is cut straight into the rock. I guess it was used by the Swedish navy at one time. Now it's used for parties and dinners.

Into the cave.

We had a nice dinner in the cave.

The theme of the place is a bit different from your usual event locale.


The entertainment was loud and entertaining.

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