Excellent bike ride

Today I went for a nice long bike ride with Lotta, Elina, & Petter. As soon as I headed out the door, the sky opened up and slushy hail began to fall on me. I had a lightweight waterproof windbreaker on though, so I managed the hail without difficulty. We biked up North of the city to Häggvik, where we made a little loop through Järvafältet. Storm clouds moved in from the South just as we arrived at a little cafe.

Here's the cafe. I had a brie & salami sandwich and a cup of coffe.

We timed it just right, sheltering in the cafe while the rainclouds passed. Here Petter makes sure it's safe to venture outside again.

Along the way we passed a pasture with a bunch of longhorns!

Hi, Mom!

The sun shone for us most of the afternoon. I managed to convince Petter & Elina to slow down long enough for me to catch this photo.

And here's the gang pausing somewhere in the neighborhood of Akalla & Husby.

Now it's time for dinner — beef with onions, capsicum, red chilis & red curry sauce.

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Petra said...

Looks like the Swedish summer is coming on... Nice! Though you've been using the bike for months now.