Gone to Brno

I'm in Brno, in the Souteast part of the Czech Republic. I'll be here for a week to teach the TWS courses. For some reason, I had to take a bus rather than a plane from Prague to Brno, so I had an hour to wait in the Prague airport.

The bus stop out in fron of the Prague airport terminal.

On the way to Brno. Damn, that was one bumpy highway. Okay, not this particular section of the highway... but closer to Brno it felt like we were driving over cobblestones.

...all the modern inconveniences...

...and a very typical hotel bathroom.

I slept on the plane to Prague and on the bus to Brno, so I think I'll have no problem getting up in the morning. That's a good thing, because I agreed to meet my Czech counterpart at IBM at 7:00. It's time for bed. Over and out.

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Åsa said...

Sounds like you are up for an exciting week :-) Have fun over there!