Snow in March

Winter came late here in Sweden, and it's staying late too. We're experiencing some of the coldest March temperatures on record, and the snow continues to fall. I can't say I'm disappointed though, becuase I like the snow. It's certainly better than the brown slush with which Stockholmers must usually contend at this time of year. I'm hoping that the cold will last at least another couple of weeks, and that the ice on the lakes will get thick enough that I can go skating. I haven't had a single skating opportunity this winter.
Unfortunately, my cold is also hanging on persistently. It's no longer disabling; I'm back at work. But it's still annyoing. I have a tickling cough in the back of my throat that comes and goes, and I'm also intermittently congested. My left esutachian tube has become a bit inflamed since yesterday. I hope that's not a sign of more trouble ahead. I'll go easy on the exercise, get plenty of sleep, drink my orange juice, and hope for the best.
Last week I visited a Swedish bank for a couple of days to help them configure their mainframe and UNIX boxes so that they work together. I enjoy visiting customers: it's nice to meet the folks face-to-face and to get a first-hand look at how they use the software. The job seems more personal once I have met the customers in person. It's also nice to just visit with them, have lunch together, and chat over a cup of coffee. The customer seemed pleased and said they will probably invite me back to help them with later projects. I might also go there to teach a course if they decide they need it.
I'm hoping to move to a job in the near future that allows me to do more consulting work. This is the most rewarding of all the work I do. The trouble is that consulting work often requires travel, and I now have two cats to take care of by myself. My friends and neighbors can look after them from time to time, but probably not on a regular basis.

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