Spořitelní akademie Brno

The class is being held at the spořitelní akademie Brno, run by Česká spořitelna, a. s. The academy is in the North part of Brno.

Here is a view of the front of the Spořitelní akademie Brno.

This is a hallway on the front of the building. With the white tile and the 60s-style chairs, it seems like a scene out of Kubrick's 2001.

Here's a view of the lounge. It could be right out of Logan's Run.

This photo shows one of the bathrooms from the academy where the class was being held. I find it interesting how each country has its own style of sinks, toilets, faucets, and all sorts of other every day plumbing.

This is the hallway just outside the classroom. Ahead on the left is a door to an small patio.

This is the outdoor patio; the classroom is behind the windows on the left.

I liked this staircase, so I took a picture of it too.

Lastly, here is a photo taken today just after the end of class. The classroom is a bit cramped, but we're making do.

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